Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 20, 2008 New day - astral weather and card of the day

Today is a relatively easy day. The only hard aspect for the Moon is squaring Jupiter. Jupiter interfacing with Moon-can be feeling of generosity-in general, not worrying about details. There can be an interest in philosophical ideas. Jupiter can also be experienced as over indulgence and may show up as indulging others and/or feeling that your ideas and ideals are more grand than other's ideas. Overall, the effect is mostly harmless. Enjoy this time when the Moon is not lighting up much. Venus is conjunct Mercury in Virgo and in opposition to Uranus. Venus/Mercury is a great time for creative arts, poetry, languages. The hard aspect of Uranus (opposition) and Venus/Mercury adds some element of change, seeking unique or peculiar expressions, may even take you off task by impatience or careless mistakes. Mercury can be attentive to details and Venus can be the sensual and relational aspects of attention and expression. Uranus can bring about the "unexpected" to these two planets.

This is a Six of Clubs day, which is a Neptune

implementation of a Saturn core.

Neptune can represent spirituality, the visionary, nebulousness, delusion,
liquids among others. Saturn can represent authority, limitations,
structure, lessons. Lookup the
mythologies of Odin and Lao-Tien-Yeh. See if any of
their stories reflect anything meaningful to you today.