Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008 Where we've been

This past month up to the present has been extra challenging as you may have noticed. Mars and Saturn were exact conjunct around the beginning of July (9th) though you may have felt them prior to that date and afterwards. With these planets there is a tendency to feel your action is being suppressed resulting in bottled tensions/explosiveness/communication breakdowns with charged energies. Mars wants to decisively move forward and Saturn is the opposite-putting on the brakes, tending to wait, examining and making sure, and holding back action. Together, Mars/ Saturn can create a volatile opposition. Days you may have felt this the strongest were days when the Moon was most likely lighting up these planets-intensifying their qualities. As these two planets moved further from each other, Venus was moving in closer to Saturn. Saturn had a subtle yet significant effect on Venus, that is, an experience of wanting to slow down and seriously evaluate one's relationships, especially those close to you. Saturn also has the effect of tempered passions. So if you have been reassessing your relationships over the month and experiencing cooler passions, then most likely this transit was influencing you. During the last few weeks, Moon was waxing towards Full Moon (on the 16th) which gave an extra kick.
  Currently the outer slower planets, Pluto 28 degrees Sagittarius and Uranus 21 degrees Pisces are squaring each other. They are not exact yet but are working on it. Uranus is the "Promethean" (Richard Tarnas author of Cosmos and Psyche) energy of change. It is either change that you are ready to use or if you have not been aware and conscious, it can come as an upset. Pluto is depth and transformation, and power. These two planets were important to revolutionary change in the sixties. It insists on deep changes. Recently these two planets were transited by Mars (in Virgo, now in Libra). This was intense when the Moon conjuncted Uranus yesterday (the 18th).  Moon conjunct Uranus-upset in emotions. This conjunct opposed Mars and squared Pluto while Mars was squaring Pluto. Mars/ Pluto is described by Richard Tarnas as the Ali -boxer/fighter energy-strong impulse. This combined with Uranus/Pluto- upsetting, deep change with Moon opposing Mars-irritation, strained relationships. As Moon pulled away from the trio of planets it was exact square Pluto sometime in the early hours of the morning. A feeling associated with this transit is feeling small, unsure of what you are doing with your life, possessiveness, and insecurities. 
There is some reprieve this evening (unless Moon is lighting up your particular Natal chart). Tomorrow Moon is squaring Jupiter. Not much in comparison to what has been happening! Remember, if you are feeling something that comes on rather suddenly, the Moon is probably sweeping over something and if you can-wait it out, within a day it will change. The Moon moves rapidly compared to the others. Also, the Moon is waning now-heading to the New Moon.