Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 28, 2008 Moving towards New Moon

Moon is now in Leo and sextile Mars this morning. Mars is associated with actions of asserting, initiating, moving forward. Moon/Mars can be experienced as clear communication of feelings and action, good transit for initiating your ideas, may show strength and/or be attracted to someone who exhibits strength in ability to be assertive. Venus is moving into square with Pluto. Be aware of power struggles in relationship. (Read yesterday's entry.) This transit will last until Friday mid morning. Mercury will enter Libra this evening conjuncting Mars. Mars gives an extra push to Mercury's communication and intellectual pursuits. As a hard aspect there can be a tendency towards debate and competitiveness. On a positive side, you may have more energy to stay focused on projects that involve detail. Saturn is trine Jupiter. Saturn/Jupiter can be experienced as practical sense in matters such as finances, planning your goals, making choices that support future ideas. Longer transits that are in the background yet significant - Uranus/Pluto square - profound/deep revolutionary changes. Pluto, the priciple of death and rebirth interfaces with the awakening aspect of Uranus. Neptune is sextiling Pluto. Neptune is associated with the spiritual, ideals, transcendence. The transit with Pluto is deep transformation is how you have seen yourself and life, your beliefs, what you have known to be true. This is experienced as personal and social change. 
Remember that Sun is still conjuncting Saturn. They will be exact at 11 degrees on September 3rd. This transit can be felt as being hard on yourself in terms of accomplishments, feeling less than, loss of drive to shine. Sun is associated with your identity and Saturn with taking personal inventory, re-evaluation, questioning what you really want to do, what you have done. This can be experienced as somewhat depressing due to the hard transit. Keep in mind that it is a passing perspective and not necessarily an accurate picture.   

Today is a Jack of Hearts day, a Venus expression of a Jupiter core. The mythologies of Krishna, and also to a lesser degree Ganesha and Hera may deepen the understanding. Google away.
Jack of Hearts is also known as the initiate, the Christ Card. It is one of the three fixed cards, staying the same for all spreads. The two primary spreads shown here are the perfect or Spiritual spread on the left, and the life or mundane spread on the right. If one were to pick up the life spread from the right and lay it over the perfect spread on the left, there would be three cards in the same place, the fixed cards. For the other cards, the card that is covered in the perfect spread is the shadow or spirit card of the one from the life spread covering it. These have meaning in the grand scheme of things, and will be "covered" over time in/on this blog. In the meantime, have a look at the book on the Cards here for more details.