Friday, August 29, 2008

August, 30, 2008 New Moon

Moon is now in Virgo and it is the New Moon. Moon will conjunct Sun this morning and Saturn this evening after 7 pm PST. Sun is associated with your identity, what you do, your shining self. Saturn is associated with structure, evaluation, standing on your own, what you are responsible for and to. (Check out Intro to Archetypal Astro for more details about Saturn). Moon/Sun can be experienced as energized, especially if other transits in your chart are favorable, however Saturn is close by and will effect the implementation or mood of the Sun/Moon transit. Moon/Saturn tends to bring out alone-feeling aspects, have to stand on your own, when it is in conjunction with the deep feeling aspects of the Moon. Throughout the day and this evening notice how these transits affect you. After awhile you will get to know and recognize the fluctuations and repetitive themes of moods and perceptions. A Moon transit can be an entry point into something that is really significant to your growth or it can be a temporary cycle of astral weather that will pass and you will resume your more familiar self. The longer transits seem to be entry points for major change. See what is lighting up your Natal Chart. For longer world transits check out the entries over the past two days. Also check out Daily Chart link. Locate the degree and sign of the planets in the world transits and then match them up to your natal chart and see what they are effecting. 

The card of the day is Nine of Hearts, a double Saturn. The mythology of Ch'eng-huang may have meaning today.