Sunday, August 24, 2008

Aug 25, 2008 Sweeping Moon view

Moon will continue to light up the cluster of planets that are in close conjunct. It has squared Sun (5 pm Saturday), Saturn (8:30 am yesterday), Venus (this morning 7 am), Mercury (9 am), and will square Mars (after midnight). Moon will be opposite Pluto around 3:00 pm today (all times, PST). When Moon is opposite a planet it is like a full moon position-so all is exposed under the light of the moon (that is, the characteristics of the planet mingled with the intense feeling qualities of the Moon will be fully activated). Moon opposite Pluto can be intense emotions within yourself and/or in relation with another - jealousies, possessiveness, drawn in or to particular people, feelings, or situations - undercurrents that feel unsettling. This transit can be used to become aware of what your own particular way this plays out - patterns from your past, familial relationships, intimate relationships, emotional perceptions of self and others. It is not the best time for making decisions while being effected by this transit. It will last a few hours. Venus and Mercury are moving towards square Pluto on Wed. and Thurs.. Leading up to the middle of the week, the heavier qualities could be felt in love relationships and in communication - can be tendency towards arguments, insisting on one's way-breaking out of accommodating others, and/or wanting to restrict freedom of others due to insecurities. As the night progresses towards midnight you may feel Moon/Mars as irritation. Mindfulness and observation helps when moods and thoughts are most pervasive. 

Allies for the day: Saturn is trine Jupiter. This transit brings in the supportive aspects of Saturn. You may experience greater capacity to organize and decide what works best in various situations. There can be an ease with providing yourself and your environment with structure in its most positive sense. This transit will be around the rest of the month. Jupiter is sextile Neptune. This is the opportunity to go with deeper benevolent changes that are happening as part of a larger, collective, and spiritual meme. This is also a longer transit. 
Reminder: The Moon moves very quickly. A mood, feeling, thought pattern may seem to come out of nowhere. This is most likely the moon sweeping over. It will pass within a few hours. If the feeling, etc. lasts longer, it may be a longer transit of a day or so. Be aware of the allies as well. On the left under connections, go to Daily Chart and click on the chart. This will give you other aspects to consider with regard to the transits.

Today is an Ace of Clubs day, a Mercury expression of a Venus core. Venus can represent Art, aesthetics, and Love.

The mythologies of Parvati, Sarasvati, Thor, and of course, Eros may evoke a chord of resonance for you today.