Monday, September 1, 2008

Sept 1 2008 Under a Mediterranean Moon

[guest blogger] As The Moon moves away from squaring Pluto, and is conjunct the Mercury/Venus/Mars trio cluster in Libra we have the propensity for a Mediterranean kind of experience: Art, Sensuality, and Passion. This will be heightened by Juno in Sagittarius sextile to, and Jupiter in Capricorn square to the above mentioned trio. However (in a complex universe there is usually is some kind of a however somewhere, lurking around the corner), as Sun is still conjunct Saturn and Pluto is still loosely square to the leading edge of the trio; there is likely to be some lingering heaviness and deep soul searching. Think Lisa Gerard of Dead Can Dance meets Vicky Christina Barcelona.

Of course, your individual Natal/Birth Chart will likely have something significant being aspected to add to the flavors. What are the local sensations, and what are the global sensations? Can you discern the distinction between them? Whom is doing the perceiving, and what color, or flavor, or tendency is shaping the perceptions? Are you wearing beer goggles, or polarizing sunglasses, or rose colored glasses? What happens if you take them off? A good time to pay attention is during Moon Void of Course, when there is less direct Archetypal influence on the collective. The next opportunity is Wed the Sept 3rd, roughly 10am to 1pm PST.

Today's Card is Ten of Diamonds, a magnanimous double Jupiter. It is the birthcard of the likely future American First Lady: Michelle Obama. Lookup the mythology of Agni for some ideas.