Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sept 10 2008 Slacker Moon

Sun opposite Uranus will start getting distinct attention. For the next week, be ready for surprises. Things bottled, denied, or restricted will have a habit of making appearances in one form or another. Moon will be trine Sun and sextile Uranus through the afternoon. Maybe a touch of pleasant restlessness, new ideas, more contentment than tension.

Moon will be Void of Course from about 6am till midnite PST. This would be a good day to wrap up things, continue what has already been started, be spontaneous, relax, follow your inner slacker. It is not a good time to engage with the collective, unless one counts on doing it over or repeating. The Department of Redundancy Department.

Moon VOC is a time when you will not feel the collective Astral forms as clearly. As the Moon sweeps around every 28 or so days, she emphasizes the slower moving transits; as she is reflected light rather than inner light, it is probably not accurate to refer to that as "lights up" the others, so emphasize is the word of choice. When the shadowy Moon is between Constellations without exact transits we have VOC.

We are habituated to having what we perceive as outside from us shape our world and even existence, so the more our own inner light is turned on, the less we will feel a lack of Mojo during Moon VOC. It is a wonderful opportunity to feel and sense whom we are with less external input.

One reason Astrology and other deterministic Archetypal Languages work is because the critical mass of humanity is still unconscious, following the dynamics of the Cosmos much as collections of unconscious (relatively speaking) particles follow the laws of mechanics or Physics, PV equals nRT. We get to wake up. Imagine a world with a critical mass of awakened humanity!

This is an Ace of Diamonds day, a Jupiter implementation of a Neptune core. Have fun with the mythology of Obatala. From the shadows with a textbook example of projection, it is the birthcard of Bill O'Reilly and also George Soros. The latter is clearly awakening, and Mr. Bill is pointing at his own denied shadow.