Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sept 20 2008 Hey there, lonely Moon

[guest blogger] Our friend the Moon moves into the orb of square Saturn in the morning, moving to exact square a bit after 8pm PST, at which time the Moon moves into the orb of trine the Mediterranean trio of Mercury/Venus/Mars. Also, nudging trine with Neptune and square Uranus at that time in the evening. Likely flavors for the day would be depression, negativity, cut off from emotional communication and understanding---feeling lonely, maybe a bit smothered from external attempts to lift the spirits. If you are feeling any of these, don't panic. It will pass.

Funny thing about talking things out versus remaining stuck in some negative feeling/pattern/habit. The talkers believe they are correct, in that low and behold, one gradually feels better after talking/processing/sharing; the stickers are equally correct in believing in the fate of being stuck (especially relevant under a Saturn transit). The cosmic joke is that both are affirmed correct from their respective positions as the transits shift and move onto the next flavor. Sometimes the best thing to do is in the realm of the sensate: take a walk, be with nature, touch, smell the flowers, listen to music.

In the evening as the heavies pass, the tendency may be more towards yearning, dreamy, artsy, something different. Be cautious of brash reactions to the lifting of the heavy feeling which may have long lasting unintended consequences. A simple kiss can lead to triplets. As the trio of Mercury/Venus/Mars drift apart, this and tomorrow's Moon trine will the be the last of that Mediterranean combo, and we will start to feel more of the individual facets of each of them.

Todays Birthcard is the Four of Clubs, a Mars expression of a Jupiter core, the foundation in knowledge. For fun, have a look at the mythology of Shango.