Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sept 4 2008 under a mixed Moon

Mixed signals today, quite contrasted flavors. Moon in Scorpio is sextile to both Jupiter and the Sun/Saturn conjunction; and exact opposite to Vesta later in the day. These point to grand, congenial, good relations in contrast with desiring to be alone; along with a possibility of emotions running amok causing trouble focusing or a forced focus on the mundane to avoid feelings.

Watch how this plays out, and take the "time" to be extra aware of self reflection. When experiencing an emotional reaction, either from "within" or from the outside, see if you can catch it before you are hooked into it.
Tomorrow will provide a long swath to withdraw and reflect as Moon will be Void of Course from around 9am till midnite PST.

This is a Seven of Diamonds Card day, a double Venus with an shadow of a double Saturn. One of the four "semi fixed" Cards, this one is interleaved with the Nine of Hearts. Seven of Diamonds can be a bit "out there"; this is/was the birthcard of the late, great George Carlin. Have a look at the mythologies of Oshun and Aphrodite for subtle insights into today. 

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