Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sept 13 2008 Social Moon

After a brief Void of Course from approx 6am till 9am PST, Moon in Pisces pulls away from conjunct Neptune, and is sextile Pluto during the day. Moon is approaching, is within the orb of an opposition to Saturn along with a sextile of Jupiter in the evening, to be exact tomorrow morning.

Possible deep feelings today, less patience for superficialities; mystery and the hidden may fascinate. Have a look at the links on the left under connections. In the evening there may be a feeling of isolation, loneliness, melancholy. There may also be an urge to be jovial, to connect in with friends and socialize. Don't panic, don't self medicate, the melancholy will pass by tomorrow afternoon, and is best countered by comradare.

It should be noted that this refers to the global weather. Your own natal chart will have other flavors emphasized by the Moon and other heavenly bodies transiting it. If you know key facets of your birthchart, you can overlay the world chart described here with it, and get an idea. There are many layers of depth of which we are touching the surface (hopefully not too superficially---especially today), focused on the global flavors. Part of the fun is learning to discern between local and global, and stretching one's perceptions in the process.

Today's Card is Jack of Clubs, a Uranus implementation of a Venus core. The mythology of Eris may ring a bell for those interested in what is backstage.