Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sept 16 2008 Jovial Moon

[guest blogger today---the presentation does not represent the host blogger] The one and only Moon in Aries is square Jupiter all day, exact around noon PST. In the afternoon, she enters the orb of opposite to the Mercury/Venus/Mars trio, becoming exact in the middle of the night, and it is a good night for some Mediterranean fun. During the day, it is likely the mood will be generous, benevolent, jovial, philosophical today---a good time for a Shakespeare comedy. Just be aware of greed and gluttony, stay with adequate and sufficient and all will be well. Strive to be flexible and adaptable.

Today's Birthcard is Eight of Clubs, power in knowledge. A Mars expression of a Neptune core. It is one of the three fixed cards, meaning in a way that it stays put while the rest of the world permutates around them. Honk if you like your therapist, the mythology of Psyche is relevant today. Although we don't now Shakespeare's exact birthday and therefore Birthcard, we do know he was Baptised (all the rage back in those days) on an Eight of Clubs day. Eight of Clubs is the Birthcard of the very creative and talented musician Thomas Dolby.