Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sept 17 2008 Deep Communion

[guest blogger today] As the Moon eases away from an opposition to the Mercury/Venus/Mars trio in the morning, a sextile with Neptune will be the next emphasis, followed shortly by the addition of a trine with Pluto. She, the Moon, goes Void of Course from around 3:30 pm till 6 pm PST, emerging "in" Taurus. All in all a propensity to sensitive, intense feelings and understandings. Communion with an intimate partner (not in the traditional religious sense!) may have a more serious, as in deep, meaningful, even metaphysical tone as contrasted with the more hedonistic "Mediterranean" flavor of yesterday. A bit more of an existential "wow" today, asking what's it all about? If it has a touch of sadness at the fleeting nature of it all, remember it is cyclical in a spiral rather than circular, repetitive manner---the opportunity will be there to repeat at the next level or octave, as you do take it with you. Cherish it along the way.

The Card of the day is Seven of Clubs, the melancholy genius, a Saturn implementation of a Uranus core. The mythology of Prometheus the awakener is a good study today. Rumor has it that the Planet Uranus was almost named Prometheus, and there are schools of thought that it would have been a more fitting name.