Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sept 23, 2008 Salesmoon

Hopefully you had an easier day connecting with others yesterday as a respite because today will be a stretch in communication especially heading into the noon hour. Mars is conjunct an almost retrograde Mercury - in the best possible scenario there can be greater acuity with action, meaning you may feel very sharp mentally - on the not so positive side, the mental acuity can be used in an aggressive way by yourself or towards you. Mercury/Mars can also be the pressuring sales person. Moon will square this conjunct (exact before 2 pm PST) adding irritation and frustration. If aware the energy can be redirected. In the morning hours Moon will also be trine Uranus, so there may be surprises, thoughts about changing situations, systems. Try something different, but keep expectations of follow-through thoroughly in check, as Moon will be Void of Course from 2 pm till 2 am PST tomorrow. In the afternoon, Moon will start towards a square with Venus (exact at midnite), adding a flavor of sentimental indulgence, but with no Mojo.

Worth repeating: Moon VOC is a time when you will not feel the collective Astral forms as clearly. As the Moon sweeps around every 28 or so days, she emphasizes the feelings of the slower moving transits. When the shadowy Moon is between Constellations without exact transits we have VOC. We are habituated to having what we perceive as outside from us shape our world and even existence, so the more our own inner light is turned on, the less we will feel a lack of Mojo during Moon VOC. It is a wonderful opportunity to feel and sense whom we are with less external input. One reason Astrology and other deterministic Archetypal Languages work is because the critical mass of humanity is still unconscious, following the dynamics of the Cosmos much as collections of unconscious (relatively speaking) particles follow the laws of mechanics or Physics, PV equals nRT. We get to wake up. Imagine a world with a critical mass of awakened humanity!

The Birthcard of the day is Ace of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Venus core. The Hindu mythology of Sarasvati would be relevant as mental stimulation today.