Monday, September 22, 2008

Sept 22, 2008

Today is potentially an easier day as far as the Moon goes. Moon is in Cancer and will be moving into exact opposition Jupiter in Capricorn this evening while sextiling Saturn in Virgo. Moon/Jupiter - is basically a feeling of wanting to give to others. Generosity will be easily accessible, however this is best done on your terms rather than from feeling obligated. Take care to offer that which can be followed through. Jupiter can be expansive and magnanimous. Moon sextile Saturn will bring in a balanced aspect to the Moon/Jupiter opposition. You have the opportunity to assess what you do want to do or not do. Moon/Saturn is reflective, can be experienced as the need to withdraw and take account of yourself and situations.

The day's Moon activity is less likely to add to the conflicts of the red (stiction) days of Mercury Retrograde.

Check in with the current positions of the slower planets with your natal chart. If you have been feeling something for quite awhile and can't seem to get through it, look at what the planets are aspecting. Saturn is 14 degrees Virgo, Uranus is 20 degrees Pisces. Neptune is 21 degrees Aquarius, and Pluto is 28 degrees Sagittarius. Uranus and Neptune are retrograde. The squares, oppositions and conjuncts are the most challenging - sextiles and trines seem to be experienced as less pressure, more supportive. Email us if you want your chart plus the world transits at:

Today is a Two of Clubs day in the realm of the Birthcards, a Uranus implementation of a Saturn core. The mythology of Arawn (Celtic) may be something you could relate to today.