Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sept 2 2008 Imagination Moon

[guest blogger again] Our friend, the shadowy Moon is pulling away from the "Mediterranean" trio of Mercury Venus Mars in Libra by mid-morning to a sextile with Juno. By later in the day, the Moon will be trine Neptune. Tendencies to daydream. Imagination and fantasy will be stimulated. Art, but a different, more dreamy, nebulous kind than the passionate, deep, longing kind yesterday. Sun is still conjunct Saturn and bringing a bit of heaviness (only a bit, as Jupiter in Capricorn is trine to them), but, like the Mercury Venus Mars trio is not being lit up by the sweep of the moon, so go paint with watercolors, or find a spot with nature and daydream. You might like it.

Note that the Saturn/Jupiter dynamic is analogous to the conservative/liberal one, with Saturn representing the constricted, structured, rule based, dogmatic way, and Jupiter representing liberty: open, generous, magnanimous. As they are trine, the Sun (ego) is hard aspecting Saturn with a conjunction, and giving Jupiter a nice easy trine aspect. Look how the egos on the right side of the aisle are getting bent in an almost keystone cops kind of way, and contrast that with the continued momentum on the progressive side of the aisle from a(n) historic acceptance speech in Denver. This transit, Jupiter trine the conjunction of Sun/Saturn will continue through the second week of September, up to a noun, a verb, and nine-eleven.

Today's Card is Nine of Diamonds, either redemption or disappointment in values. A Uranus expression of a Mars core. It is the birthcard of Barack Obama, and ironically also that of Dubya. You guess which one is the redemption and which one is the disappointment . This would be a textbook example of positive and negative expression of an underlying Archetype. Have a look at the mythologies of Susanoo (Japanese) and Anubis (Egyptian).