Friday, September 19, 2008

Sept 19 2008 Retro

There are a few hard transits that have been on the periphery and are moving more into the feel zone. Sun (27 degrees Virgo) is square Pluto (28 degrees Sagittarius) and moving out of opposition Uranus (20 degrees Pisces). Sun/Pluto can feel like wanting to hide certain aspects of the self from others, possibly being hard on yourself, power relationships coming up in confrontation. Pluto is depth, power, breaking things down in deep transformation. It is a good time to tend to the areas that are exposed (even if only to yourself) rather than let the awareness pass by. Moon will be trine to the Sun and bring a sense of balance between your feeling and logical self to the mix. That should help with this transit. Saturn (13 degrees Virgo) is coming into opposition with Uranus (20 degrees Pisces). This transit will last into the election in November. There two planets are in some ways at odds - Saturn represents structure and Uranus radical change. Be aware of the tension of old patterns and ways that are outmoded and impending change that challenge the way things have been. Check your natal chart to see how this transit may be affecting you, your friends, or parents. Some older generations will be hit with world Saturn opposite their natal Saturn and world Uranus conjunct natal Saturn.

Lighter side of things - Uranus is sextile Jupiter and sextile Moon. Good time for innovative change, expansion, moving, feeling of excitement of something new. Saturn is trine Jupiter - good time for thinking clearly about your financial situations.

While you were sleeping last night, the Moon was entering the orb of a square with Neptune, becoming exact around 6am PST. How were your dreams? This transit indicates sensitivity, permiability, but not always with a clear communication channel, so dreams are a good way for it to express. There may be a bit of irritation with this one, as we enter the stiction days of Mercury Retrograde, so again, dreams are a good place for it. Do avoid self-medication. Moon will be void of course going from Taurus into Gemini this afternoon around 4 until 8:30 pm PST. The day will end with Moon trine Sun in Virgo.

Today's Birthcard is Five of Clubs, a Mercury expression of a Saturn core. A retro look at the mythology of Ptah would be a good way to start retro. See yesterday's post. The bright orange/red part.