Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sept 21 2008

Remember that we are in the red days for Mercury Retrograde. (See link on the left). The official retrograde starts on September 24th but it can be felt now. Mercury is in Libra so this may add attempts at wanting balance, compromises, etc. but the retrograde aspect can make it difficult to hear the other side or to present your own. Intimate relationships are of course subject to these perturbations. Since retrograde will be around until Mid October give extra breathing for yourself and others for misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

There are mixed moods today. The more challenging first. The Moon will be square with Uranus this morning around 6:30 am PST. Uranus has to do with change, rebellion, revolution, awakenings - sometimes these come as a surprise, an upset, the unexpected. With the Moon/Uranus transit you may be quick to react in a way that is oppositional or see the other as upsetting. The square aspect is more abrupt and harder to work with. Give it a few hours. In the evening there will be another challenge, however if you are aware it can be very helpful! Moon will be opposition Pluto - exact at 8:20 pm. Moon/Pluto can be intense, conflictual times with others - a pull into deeper, underlying emotions - difficulty seeing things as they really are. If possible it may be more productive to observe the feelings of this transit rather than plunge into its darker or destructive aspects. If there are things that truly need to be addressed they will be there after this transit - it will be much easier to deal with things when your head and emotions are more clear.

In the morning after Moon transits Uranus around 6-ish, the softer and more pleasant side of the Moon transits will kick in at 9 am. Moon will be trine Neptune and trine Mars. Moon/Mars - this transit of Mars brings in clear action especially in relationship to others. Moon/Neptune is a good time for engaging the imaginal realm, even if only for a few hours. An hour later, around 10am Moon will trine Mercury, which is great for listening and for having clarity regarding your own feelings. In the evening, Moon will be trine Venus - feelings of closeness, wanting to be with others. This is exact around 6:30 pm.

The trines will weave in and out of the harder aspects from morning until the Moon/Pluto this evening. Each aspect lasts a few hours so if you are having a hard time, wait and things will shift. The trines are your friends!

[guest] Another way to look at the patterns is the Mercury/Venus/Mars trio, which is spreading out, but on it's last days as a conjunct, is an entity unto itself, and that is part of a grand trine with the Moon and Neptune for the beginning of the day. Moon is also opposing Juno while square Uranus early in the day. Watch for dreamy, restless idealism; channel that into something non-personal, as it is a global flavor.

The Birthcard today is the Three of Clubs, a Saturn implementation of a Mars core. See the mythology of Tyr (Norse).