Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sept 7 2008 restless Moon in Sagittarius

In the morning our shadowy friend the Moon, in the slow shift away from a sextile aspect with the Mediterranean trio mentioned below through a square with the Sun/Saturn conjunct, is beginning a square with Uranus. Along with a sextile with Neptune, she also is also conjunct with Juno. Later in the evening, Moon is approaching a conjunct with Pluto, which becomes exact tomorrow morning. Sounds busy? Let's look at the individual flavors, and have a guess at the Moon amalgam. Conjunct Juno: relational, emotionally close. Square Uranus: rebellious, hasty, craving excitement. Sextile Neptune: hypersensitive, empathy, good for occult studies, like reading this blog and following the links. Conjunct Pluto: intense, overwhelming feelings, the therapy transit.

Be aware of a restless feeling, possibly a desire for or an attraction to the bad boy or bad girl type or at least someone or something different in delayed response to any lonely feeling from late yesterday.

The Card of the day is Four of Diamonds, a Neptune implementation of a Venus core. Also known of as the foundation in/of values. A bit of a stable reference for the restless Moon. The mythologies of Baldur (Norse) and The May King, Jack O' the Green are good reading today.