Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept 3 2008 Draw to the Mysterious, or just Housecleaning

[guessed, guest blog--we will return to the normal, less colorful programming eventually] In the morning, Moon is pulling away from the trine with Neptune, and sextiling Pluto through most of the day. Moon in Void of Course from approx 10am till 1 pm PST. Pay attention to how you feel during Moon Void of Course, see previous Sept 1 entry. There may be a propensity for deep feelings, desire for change, a need for substance. Superficiality won't do. That coupled with Sun in exact conjunct with Saturn for today and tomorrow, spells a bit of trouble for the old guard's show today. The Mercury/Venus/Mars trio conjunction is still there, adding a subtle touch of Art, Sensuality, and Passion to offset the heaviness of Sun/Saturn. Conventioneers at corprorate sponsored open bars looking excessively caucasian to the backdrop of a band named "Hookers and Blow" is a perfect example.

Today is an Eight of Diamonds Card day, the Solar expression of Jupiter. Look up the mythology of Vainamoinen (Finnish). In a possible cosmic pun on vain, it is also the birthcard of Paris Hilton.