Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sept 18, 2008 Grand Trine

Moon is in Taurus today and heading for a grand trine with Saturn and Jupiter around 4 to 5 this evening. Saturn in Virgo, Jupiter in Capricorn, and Moon in Taurus are in the earth signs. The qualities of these planets and constellations have to do with material matters - your work in the world. Jupiter brings in achievements, accomplishment - movement towards excelling. Jupiter is also associated to travel so this may be an aspect of what you do. Jupiter/Saturn trine can be experienced as awareness of the responsibility of your contribution in the world. It is very practical. Moon in Taurus can be felt as wanting familiarity. In trine with Saturn and Jupiter you may feel the need to stay with the tried and true and with what makes sense to you in your understanding of your work. Moon will be moving into sextile Uranus in the early morning tomorrow. That transit can be experienced as the need for change (in contrast with staying with the tried and true). Saturn and Jupiter will be trine the rest of the week.
Venus, Mercury, Mars conjunct in Libra trine Neptune in Aquarius is anything but practical! This transit takes love, beauty, the arts into daydreaming and imagination with group consciousness in mind. It will be easy to slip into a sharing of ideals, dreams, and universality.
It should be an interesting day!

[guest] Moon is conjunct Vesta today. That, with the Moon/Jupiter/Saturn grand trine would indicate general sense of well-being with an instinctual, practical flavor. A hint of electric excitement, pleasant restlessness being added later in the day as Moon enters the orb of a sextile with Uranus, the Promethean one.

However, adding to the interesting mix day, we are entering the stiction phase of Mercury Retrograde. In a perfect, frustrating example of the crossed wires aspect of that, this paragraph had vanished after publishing it, what you are reading is a repeat. If communication is missed, misunderstood or combative, desires are thwarted or blocked, you feel stuck or bottled, interpretations are taken in the worst possible way, that's retrograde---the shadow or trickster side of Hermes. It could be opposite day, but it might not be. If you ask if it is opposite day during opposite day, what answer do you get? See the link on the left under connections. The official retrograde is September 24th through October 15th, however there is more to it. Think of overlapping waves, and think of a slowly swinging pendulum. At the upper end of each swing it slows down before reversing direction. Likewise, the relative motion between Earth and Mercury passes through phases of forward, stiction, reverse, stiction, repeat. The stiction phases overlapping with the "actual" retrograde are in some ways less fun and more troubling than the "pure" retrograde. So, September 19th through 29th are stiction days, followed by pure retro Sept 30th through October 10th, followed by exit stiction October 11th through October 18th. Relationships are prone to questioning and upsets during the stiction phase, those with a deep or solid connection will survive. An Archetypal explanation as to why bouncebacks usually don't last is that they start during retrograde right after a stiction induced breakup. There will likely be a collective sigh of relief October 15th or 16th.

The Card of the day is Six of Clubs, a Saturn expression of a Neptune core. That combo is a bit of a paradox, the psychic and the policeman, in a healthy expression we could see the practical idealist. Have a look at the mythology of Odin (Norse).