Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept 11 2008

Sun will continue to be opposite Uranus for the next week. See previous entry on that. By mid-afternoon the Moon will be trine the Mercury/Venus/Mars triple "Mediterranean" conjunction, which is tight now, with Mars/Venus being exact. Mars/Venus has something to do with everyone's favorite subject, desired and taboo'd: sex, and it's expression. Venus/Mercury is, in a word: Art. Mars/Mercury would be passionate expression. An example of the Archetypal expression of the trio would be Vicky Christina Barcelona. See previous enrty on that also. With the Moon trine, one would expect feeling of ease with regard to the passion, Art, and whatever comes naturally if we let it.

There may be a bit of a damper on the above festivities from the seven year "anniversary" of a tragic event when the laws of physics were suspended for a day. As the time now since then is a quarter cycle of Saturn, we would expect to be revisiting with a similar flavor whatever Saturn was transiting or aspecting at that time. It is an appropriate time to review, albiet in a somewhat heavy way what we did not learn seven years ago. The suggestion here is pay attention to the obvious, don't let voices of authority talk, cajole, or manipulate you out of your own senses, sensibilities, sensations, and perceptions. The study and implementation of the "coherent narrative", as espoused by Daniel J. Segal, author of The Developing Mind would be a very good thing along those lines.

The King of Clubs is the Card of the day, a double Uranus. The mythology of Anansi might provide insight into this trickster.